Welcome to Echo Hill!

"Where do I fit in? Or maybe I don’t?" " I’m almost 30 now—when do I start feeling like a grown up?" "Why does everyone look at their phones—and not at me?" "Why did grandpa die and when will he be back?" "Am I a good person? Can I be one?" Life is full of questions...at Echo Hill we have them, too. While we might not have all the answers, we are a community of people, young and old, male and female, working and retired, going to school and still too young to even crawl, talented in many ways, and different in many ways. We get together each Sunday to talk about life, love, family and friendship.

Our minds, our hearts, our ears and our doors are always open to you.
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Post Thumbnail of MVRBC Blood Drive at Echo Hill - June 9, 2016

Did you know that 4.5 million people need a blood transfusion each year?  Our annual blood drive with Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC) is Thursday, June 9, from 4:00-6:30 pm, at Echo Hill. You can sign up online by clicking here. Search for Echo Hill and June 9, and you …

Post Thumbnail of Echo Hill Barbeque! - June 12, 2016

You are invited to Echo Hill’s barbeque on Sunday, June 12! The property team invites you to come check out the new pavilion, and to also celebrate paying off the Kern property. You can also walk on the church’s trail and learn more about the butterfly gardens and monarch butterfly …

Post Thumbnail of Echo Hill Participating in Monarch Research Project

Recently, I attended the Linn County Master Gardener class on the Monarch Research Project presented by Clark McLeod. The mission of the Monarch Research Project (MRP) is to restore pollinator habitat, while re-establishing the Monarch population. To accomplish this, the MRP is engaging the entire community – all ages and …

Post Thumbnail of Sign Up Now for 4x8 Dinner Groups!

The responses continue to be positive. Tossing your name into the hat for a 4×8 group is the fun way to meet others at Echo Hill. And it works for all ages. Here is how it works:

It breaks down to four meals with eight people… 4×8 over a four-month period.
The …

Post Thumbnail of A Note From Nathan - Week of May 22, 2016

Three implementation teams have been at work since the Leadership Summit in February, connecting our three big-picture goals to the individual ministry teams. Our five-year goals are:

Offer faith formation opportunities, education, and support focused on volunteers within the church
Enrich our relationship with God through music, worship, and preaching
Promote use of …

Post Thumbnail of Christian Education Updates - Week of May 22, 2016

Thanks to those who have volunteered, Monday is completely full for VBS volunteer needs! We still need a few smiling faces for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Pick one day, pick two days;  you are guaranteed to have a fun time. Training is only an hour on Sunday June 12th …