About Us

About EHPC

Echo Hill encompasses a variety of opportunities for spiritual, educational, and personal growth. We honor both traditional settings and ideas while providing the opportunity for new ideas and thinking.

The cornerstone of church activity is Sunday morning. Worship services incorporate visual communications techniques, thought-provoking sermons, wonderful music, and welcoming fellowship.

Our Team

Michael Becker

Michael Becker

Comm. Coordinator
Sandy Minger

Sandy Minger

Financial Secretary


  • Clerk of Session and Secretary of Church Corporation: Paul Switalski

Session Elders for 2020

  • Alice Davidson: Property
  • Tom Garland: Finance/Memorials
  • Kim Greiner: Worship & Music

Session Elders for 2021

  • Jim White

Session Elders for 2022

  • Tracy Barton
  • Dave Smith
  • Ron Tyne

Committee Chairs

  • Tom Garland: President of Church Corporation
  • Jim Rogers: Treasurer
  • Dave Smith: Child Protection

Deacons for 2020

  • Paul Varcoe
  • Judy Worley

Deacons for 2021

  • Bess Naujoks
  • Bev Slager
  • Sue Smith

Deacons for 2022

  • Genee Coles
  • Jean White

Board of Deacons Officers

  • Moderator: Bev Slager
  • Vice-Moderator:
  • Treasurer: Judy Worley
  • Secretary: Bess Naujoks

Hospital Callers

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: Bess Naujoks
  • Wednesday: Bev Slager
  • Thursday: Genee Coles
  • Friday: Jean White
  • Saturday: Bess Naujoks