In-Person Worship to Begin October 18, 2020

Dear faith community,

As you might have read, we are beginning live worship in Fellowship Hall at 9:30 am on October 18th. The Session, with advice from Deacons, felt as if we should at least give people the option. The service will be recorded on Sunday so there will be a delay in posting it online. We will wipe down everything possible. We will provide masks if you forget them, along with hand sanitizer and wipes. Please stay home if you do not feel comfortable. Here we are on a new adventure; let’s take baby steps, toward being the body of Christ in this place. – Pastor Cathy

In order to hold worship as safely as possible, we’ll observe the following guidelines when we start worshiping in person October 18th:

  1. Please maintain a physical distance of six feet or more from others.
  2. Please wear a mask. Disposable masks will be available for those who need one.
  3. Along with masks, hand sanitizer and wipes will also be available.
  4. There will be no singing, passing of the peace, or passing of the offering plate.
  5. There will be a plate on a table for offering.
  6. We have a plan for the orderly dismissal of the congregation to maintain social distancing. The ushers will guide you when the service ends.
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